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Printronix P7000 Spool Spare Parts

Printronix P7000 Spare Parts (Spool Style Printer)

Printronix P7000 Series Spool Spare Parts

Is your Printronix Line Matrix Impact P7000 spool printer in need of repair? Sinca Printers Parts & Repair carries the full line of Printronix Spare Parts to help you get back up and running and back to your time critical tasks as early as the next day! Parts are available to ship immediately! All of our Printronix parts are sold with a 90 day warranty and are qualified for maintenance. Most parts are offered on exchange to help you take advantage of repairing your printer at a greatly reduced cost. Repair services are also available on most parts with 2 day turnarounds.

Cable Assembly, AC-In, Power Supply(Part of Field Kit, AC Assy)

Part # 153502-901

Cable Assembly, AC-In, Power Supply(Part of Field Kit, AC Assy)...

Cable Assembly, P/S, I/O 2000

Part # 173164-901

Printronix Cable Assembly, P/S, I/O 2000 used only in the P5220D,  P7220 and P7220C High S...

Cable Assembly, RS-422, I/O(Part of Field Kit 176425-001)

Part # 176075-901

Cable Assembly, RS-422, I/O(Part of Field Kit 176425-001)...

Cable Assy, P/S, I/O

Part # 173164-001

Printronix Cable Assembly, P/S, I/O, used in the P5220D, P7220, and P7220C high speed printers....

Cable, Extension, Smart-T

Part # 204806-901

Cable, Extension, Smart-T...

Cable, MMCX-BNC, 10 inch, S24

Part # 204479-001

Cable, MMCX-BNC, 10 inch, S24...

Cable, Power Stacker

Part # 202720-901

Printronix Cable, for the optional Power Stacker used on P7000 Series printers....

Caster Field Kit, Pedestal, P7000, P7000C, P8000C

Part # 179162-001

Printronix Caster Field Kit, for the P7000 Series, P7000C Series and P8000C Series of Pede...

Caster w/ Brake

Part # 141278-901

Printronix Caster with Brake, used on the front of the cabinet model printers....

Caster w/o Brake

Part # 141278-902

Printronix Caster without Brake, used on the rear of the cabinet model printers....

Chain Assembly

Part # 153778-001

Printronix Chain Assembly used in the cabinet model printers....

Collar Clamp

Part # 202708-901

Printronix Collar Clamp used on the Power Stacker option for the P7000 Series of printers....

Compression Spring

Part # 176781-001

Printronix Compression Spring, part of the drive shaft assembly used in the Power Stacker option for...

Connector Kit Housing - P106_P107

Part # 202362-001

Printronix Connector Kit Housing for right (P107) and left (P106) motor sensors. Used on p...

Control Panel Assembly, Cabinet, P7000

Part # 177529-001

Control Panel Assembly, used on P7000 cabinet model printers....

Control Panel Assembly, Pedestal, P7000

Part # 177529-002

Printronix Control Panel Assembly for all Pedestal Model P7000 Series printers....

Controller PCBA (V5)

Part # 179077-001

Printronix Controller PCBA (V5), used on printers from the P7000 Series....

Dashpot Kit (Gas Spring)

Part # 107961-005

Printronix Dashpot Kit (Gas Spring). Includes ball studs, spring clips and mounting hardware, P...

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