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Compaq Matrix Printer 450 cps, LA450,

Manufacturer: Digital DEC

Part # Compaq LA450

Availability: IN STOCK

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty

Compaq Matrix Printer LA450

Compaq Matrix Printer LA450

Printing Method24-Wire Dot Matrix
Wire DiameterLA450 & LA700: 0.008 in/0.2 mm
Vertical Slow Speed15 in per sec
Character Cell (hor x ver)@10 cpi@12 cpi@15 cpi
Letter Quality36 x 2430 x 2416 x 16
Draft12 x 1210 x 128 x 12
Print Speed@10 cpi@12 cpi@15 cpi
Letter Quality133 cps160 cps200 cps
Near-Letter Quality266 cps320 cps400 cps
Draft Quality700 cps840 cps1050 cps
Character Spacing@10 cpi@12 cpi @15 cpi@17.1 cpi@20 cpi@24 cpi
Characters136 cpl163 cpl204 cpl233 cpl272 cpl326 cpl
Throughout (pages per hour)32 MB (upgradable to 96 MB)
ECMA132@10 cpi
Letter Quality220
Horizontal (dpi)60, 90, 120, 180, 240, 360
Vertical (dpi)60, 72, 180, 360
Resident Fonts 
Print StylesDraft, Courier, Sans Serif, Script, Prestige, Orator, OCR A, OCR B, Roman
Bar CodesCode 3 of 9, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN 8, EAN 13, Codabar a/t, Codabar b/n, Codabar c/*, Codabar d/e, UPC-A, UPC-E, Postnet, Industrial 2 of 5, Code 93, MSI mod 101/10, Code 128 (EAN 128) Matrix 2 of 5
Paper ManagementSTD Front Push for Front Fanfold Feeding and Straight PathRear Push for Rear Fanfold FeedingOpt. Rear Pull for Front Fanfold Feeding and Straight PathManual Single Sheet Front Insertion and Straight Path
Paper Width3-17.5 in/76-
446 mm
3-17.5 in/76-
446 mm
3-17.5 in/76-
446 mm
4.5-17.5 in/114-446 mm
Maximum Thickness0.025 in/0.64 mm0.013 in/0.35 mm0.025 in/0.64 mm0.025 in/0.64 mm
Standard FormatFanfoldFanfoldFanfoldA5, A4, A3,
A2 port, Letter, Legal, Exec
Standard FunctionsAutomatic printhead positioning on paper thickness
Automatic paper path switching by operator or software commands
Paper parking
Setting and storage in non-volatile memory of paper format and print conditions for each paper path
InterfacesDEC423 Serial, Parallel bitronics
Number of Copies6 (original, plus 5 copies)
Acoustic Noise LevelAverage 57 dB(A)
Baud RateFrom 300 to 38,400 bps
Download BufferMaximum 32K bytes
ProtocolsDEC ANSI PPL 2, IBM ProPrinter XL24E, Epson ESC/P


Dimensions (HxWxD)12.2 x 26.1 x 14.9 in/310 x 665 x 380 mm
Weight39.6 lbs/18 kg
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