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Genicom 5050, 5100 Line Printers

Genicom - 5050, 5100 Line Printers

Refurbished Genicom 5050, 5100 Line Printers

Genicom Line Matrix Printers have significant benefits over laser printers in terms of energy savings, cost per page, reliability in industrial environments and media flexibility (multipart forms, oversize media, peel-off labels or card stock). All aspects of Genicom's Line Matrix Printers are designed to deliver higher reliability, fast throughput, and greater resistance to rough handling and hazardous environmental conditions. The result is a product that provides a substantially lower cost over the life of the product.

Genicom 5050 Line Matrix Printer, 500 LPM

Part # 5050

Genicom 5050 Line Impact Dot Matrix PrinterThe Genicom 5050 line matrix printer achieves reliable hi...

Genicom 5100 Line Matrix Printer, 1000 LPM

Part # 5100

Genicom 5100 Line Impact Dot Matrix Printer The Genicom 5100 line matrix printer achieves relia...

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