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Genicom 8920 Dot Matrix Printer, 600 cps

Manufacturer: Tallygenicom

Part # 8920

Availability: IN STOCK

BRAND NEW 90 days Warranty

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty

Genicom 8920 Dot Matrix Printer, 600 cps

The Genicom Model 8920 Printer offers four levels of print quality, based on the dot density and the placement of dots on the matrix. The increased dot density at higher print-quality levels decreases the print speed.

The four print-quality levels and speeds.

  • Letter quality (LQ) — high-resolution, 32-dot by 18-dot characters at 100 characters per second (cps).
  • Text quality — medium-resolution, 15-dot by 9-dot characters at 240 cps.
  • Normal draft quality — low-resolution, 9-dot by 9-dot characters at 400 cps.
  • Rapid Print draft quality — low-resolution, 7-dot by 9-dot characters. (NOTE: This mode is only valid for character spacings (pitches) of 12 characters per inch (cpi) and 15 cpi.) These character pitches allow the printer to print at speeds of 480 cps and 600 cps, respectively.

To provide communication compatibility with a wide range of systems, your printer offers a choice of any of the following standard and optional communication interfaces.

  • Parallel interface, standard.
  • RS-232 or RS-423 serial interface, standard.
  • RS-422-A serial interface, optional.
  • Current loop (TTY) interface, optional.

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