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IBM 4247-001 Dot Matrix Printer 700 cps Serial Tabletop

Manufacturer: IBM

Part # 4247-001

Availability: IN STOCK

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty


Price: $750.00

The 4247 Printer is a tabletop, serial, impact, matrix printer that prints text, images, graphics, and bar codes at up to 700 characters per second, depending on the model and print quality selected.???Selecting the Printing Medium This section describes how to select the various available paper sources on the 4247-001 Printer for Coaxial and Twinaxial applications, using the SCS or IPDS support in the printer.

Note: For the ASCII data streams supported over the parallel port, select the same paper source as on the 4247 Model A00 Printer. Specifying the Source of the Medium for a 4247-001 Printer Although the 4247-001 printer is a continuous forms printer, options can enable it to support a second continuous forms source, or an automatic cut sheet feeder source, or both. The maximum possible paper sources for the 4247-001 are:

Front Continuous forms paper fed through the front of the printer. This uses either the Front Push, Rear Pull, or Push-Pull tractor configurations.

Rear Continuous forms paper fed through the rear of the printer. This is only with the Rear Push tractor configuration.

ASF Bin 1

Automatic Sheet Feeder Bin 1

ASF Bin 2

Automatic Sheet Feeder Bin 2

ASF Bin 3

Automatic Sheet Feeder Bin 3


Manual cut sheet

4247-001, Selecting Paper Sources Compatible with Other Printers
Many non-impact cutsheet printers, 4230, or 42 x 4 printers with an automatic sheet feed (ASF) option have existing applications that use media ID values 1-3, specified in an AFP Form Definition, or in job control language, DDS or Printer Files that support a DRAWER or BIN parameter. To configure the 4247 printer so that you can print these jobs without changing the application or job submission, put the 4247-001 printer into either the 4230-emulation or the 4224-emulation mode and have ONLY the ASF paper handling device attached.
Note 4247-001: No tractors can be installed. In this configuration, the paper sources are identified by the host application as follows:
ASF Bin 1
Media ID = 1

ASF Bin 2
Media ID = 2
ASF Bin 3
Media ID = 3

4247-001 Media Specifications
The 4247 Impact Printer accepts the following media:
Media types:
Continuous forms:Up to eight-part forms using front feed
Cutsheet forms:up to four-part forms manual feed, three-part auto feed

4247-001, Attachments
The parallel interface will attach to:

  • RS/6000 workstations (excluding POWERserver 930).

  • Token Ring or Ethernet networks via the Network Print Server features.

  • IBM PS/2 and IBM Personal Computer LPTx ports and to a Token Ring or Ethernet LAN via one of these computers.

  • IBM-compatible PCs utilizing the parallel interface.

  • AS/400 twinax terminals including IBM 348x InfoWindow II display stations, IBM 3477 InfoWindow display station, and IBM 3197 display workstation.

  • 3482 InfoWindow II display.

The Coax interface (feature 4170) will attach to:

  • IBM 3174 Controller - Terminal port (using Release A5.5 or later, Release B4.0 or later, Release C6.0 or later).

  • ES/9370 Processor Workstation Controller (feature code 6020 or 6120).

  • ES/9371 Processor - 3270 Adapter.

  • ES9000 - 9221 Workstation Subsystem Controller feature 6120.

  • Token Ring or Ethernet networks via the i-data 7913 RPQ for the IPDS datastream.

The Twinax interface feature 4140 will attach to:

  • AS/400 Advanced Systems.

  • AS/400 Advanced Servers.

  • AS/400 Advanced 36 Systems.

  • IBM System 36.

  • IBM 5394 and IBM 5494 Control Units.

4247-001, System support via Parallel Attachment
The 4247-001 can use the IBM Personal Printer Data Stream (PPDS) in IBM 4202 Proprinter III XL or IBM 2381 Personal Printer emulations by choosing the corresponding device driver for the systems listed below as supporting the PPDS datastream and the corresponding emulation on the Operator panel. In Epson FX emulation mode the 4247-001 can print files coded for the Epson FX-1050 using the Epson printer control language.
Also, native 4247 support is provided for AIX and the Host Print Transform function in OS/400. The following systems support the 4247-001:

4247-001, Using forms parameters When users specified forms, prior to the 4247 printer, for continuous forms printers with only a single continuous forms paper source, they used the FORMS parameters in JCL or, for the AS/400, the FORMTYPE parameter. You can still use this method to direct the operator change to the correct forms for the job. But you cannot use this method to cause the printer to switch between the Front and Rear continuous forms sources.

4247-001, Operator-Adjustable Forms
To align data on preprinted forms, the 4247 Printer operator can adjust the physical top and left margins, which will offset the page image on the printing medium.

4247-001, Print-Quality Levels for IPDS Models
The 4247 Printer allows you to select different levels of print quality. Higher quality corresponds to slower print speeds. To select a print-quality level, use the QUALITY subcommand on the COPYGROUP command in the form definition. To use Fast Draft Quality, you must enable it using a printer configuration menu on the operator panel. Refer to your printer publications on how to do this. If the printer is not configured, all requests to print using Fast Draft will automatically be printed in DP Quality. Specify the values shown in Table 92 on the QUALITY subcommand to get the correct print-quality level.
4247-001, Printer Capabilities
The capabilities of the 4247 Printer are different from those of most of the other printers supported by PSF in the following ways:

  • Differences in the contents of the character sets in the fonts provided by PSF and in the symbol sets resident in the 4247 Printer may result in inconsistent printed output between the two types of fonts.

  • Although the 4247 Printer can print with downloaded symbol sets, it uses only resident symbol sets when driven by PSF.

  • The PSF for OS/390 and PSF/VSE default fonts specified with the CHARS parameter in the PRINTDEV statement cause errors in which PSF issues messages saying resource not found. Change or override the CHARS parameter to use a 4247 Printer symbol set.

  • The 4247 Printer prints images with 144-pel resolution.

  • The 4247 Printer does not support multiple subgroups within a copy group in a form definition. Printing of multiple copies of individual pages within a subgroup is not supported.

IBM Dot Matrix Printer
Device Type

4247-A00, 4247-001, 4247-002
Monochrome Line Matrix

Print SpeedAt 10 cpi

High Speed Draft

400 cps 4247-002
700 cps 4247-A00
700 cps 4247-001




Utility Speed

240 cps Model 002
350 cps Model A00
350 cps Model 001




Near Letter Quality Speed

120 cps Model 002
175 cps Model A00
175 cps Model 001

Print Options

13.6 maximum print line


144 dpi x 240 dpi



Serial (RS-232C, RS-422A)
Centronics PC Parallel



Ethernet 10Base T External





Standard All models
Epson FX, IBM Proprinter III XL and IBM 2381 Personal printer
Optional: on model 001, 002,003, V03
-- Twinaxial IPDS IBM 4224, 4230
-- Twinaxial non-IPDS IBM 4214, 4230
-- Coaxial IPDS IBM 4224, 4230
-- Coaxial non-IPDS IBM 3268, 3287, 4224, 4230

Fonts and Bar Codes




Postnet, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code 3 of 9, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codebar, MSL, Interleaved 2 of 5 and Matrix 2 of 5

Paper Handling





Support for two continuous forms paths 4247-All: 8-part front, 4-part rear 4247-All: Dual front tractors. 8- part support for both



Paper Size

Continuous Forms: 3" to 17" Width
Cut sheet Forms: 3" to 15" Width



Media Types

Plain paper, continuous forms




Media Sizes

Letter A Size (8.5 in x 11 in)
Legal (8.5 in x 14 in)
Executive (7.25 in x 10.5 in)
A4 (8.25 in x 11.7 in)
A5 (5.83 in x 8.25 in)
B5 (6.93 in x 9.83 in)
A3 (11.7 in x 16.5 in)
A2 (16.5 in x 23.4 in)
B4 (9.83 in x 13.9 in)
B3 (13.9 in x 19.7 in)
C3 (12.75 in x 18 in)
C4 (9 in x 12.75 in)
Ledger B Size (11 in x 17 in)
17 in x 22 in



Media Path Type


Monthly Duty Cycle

64,000 Sheets

Misc. Features

Noise Levels

56.3 dBA









Paper parking, switching and linking
Automatic forms loading and thickness adjustment






This ribbon are designed specifically for the 4247-A00, 001, 002, 003: Ribbon (Part #: 1053685) Yields pages @ 5 coverage
This ribbon are designed specifically for the 4247-V03:Ribbon (Part #: 57P1743) Yields pages @ 5 coverage

Dimensions(H X W X D)


12.4" x 26.75" x 15.6"



54 lbs. Models A00, 001,002, 003
72.6 lbs. Models V03

System Requirements


IBM OS/400
3197,347x, 3489x Terminal
3174 Controller ASCI Adapt port & Coaxial
Risc 6000
IBM PC and Compatible Sys

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