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IBM 6400-05P Line Matrix Printer, 500 LPM

Manufacturer: IBM

Part # 6400-05P

Availability: IN STOCK

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty


Price: $1,195.00

IBM 6400-05P Line Matrix Printer Speed 500 LPM

The IBM 6400-05P line matrix Pedestal printer achieves reliable high quality printing while achieving the lowest cost per page output at blistering speeds. Our fully refurbished printers are sold with a warranty and are all qualified for maintenance. Parts & Supplies are also available for this model as well as repair services.

In today's rapidly changing business environment, one of the few constants is the requirement for reliable, cost-effective, high-volume printing. The IBM® 6400 family is a feature-rich suite of impact printers, specifically designed for high- volume printing environments. The printers are also versatile, providing a variety of emulations and options for attaching to virtually any IBM or non-IBM system.

The 500 LPM printer is available in two configurations -- an open pedestal 6400-05P or an enclosed cabinet 6400-005. The open pedestal design minimizes floor space requirements and maximizes access to forms.

User-Friendly Operator Panel

The printer comes complete with an 80-character display that lets you verify the operational status of the printer in one of seven different languages. This display is complemented by quick-entry command keys that are color-coded to simplify operation.

Flexible System Support

The printer offers a variety of system attachments and printer emulations, allowing it to serve a wide range of computing environments. This provides flexibility during initial installation as well as helping to provide investment protection for the future.

Remote Management Capabilities

Using the 6400 Printer Management Utility, you can easily manage the printer remotely. This utility provides the ability to access multiple printers remotely from a single database, download software and printer settings from a host computer, and use a virtual operator panel to configure printers. In addition, the optional IBM printer management suite, Infoprint® Manager, now supports the 6400-05P printer.

Graphics Options

This printer is capable of printing advanced graphics and bar codes using a variety of graphic features, such as Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS), Code V and IGP.

Forms Flexibility

The printer streamlines paper handling with a simple, reliable paper path. This design, along with the view function, makes forms loading and alignment fast and efficient. The 6400-05P also provides additional control with horizontal and vertical fine-scale adjustments that ensure precise forms alignment. The open style of the pedestal models provides quick access to forms both before and after printing. The two-position lid lets you select whether forms will exit from the rear or, for frequently accessed, short-run applications, from the top.


Key features and benefits:

  • Reliable printing at up to 500
  • Open pedestal configuration minimizes floor space requirements and maximizes access to forms
  • Easy-to-use operator panel with an 80-character display
  • Streamlined paper-handling functions simplify operations and accommodate application changes
  • Bar code support
  • Label stock and up to six-part forms capabilities
  • Wide variety of system attachments
  • Management Capabilities provided by Printer Management Utility
  • Multiple graphics options, including IBM IPDS, IGP and Code V emulation features (both Printronix versions)
  • EuroReady
  • Supported by Infoprint Manager
  • Certified by the U.S. Postal Service
  • Designed for easy installation

IBM 6400-05P Line Matrix Pedestal Printer

Maximum Print Speed (lpm)

IBM 6400


Fast draft mode:




Print Options

Vertical spacing-3, 4, 6 or 8 lines per inch, or as selected by host

Horizontal spacing-10, 12, 13.3, 15, 16.7, 18 or 20 characters per inch

Paper Specifications

Continuous form width: 3" to 17" (with tear strips) (7.6 cm to 43.2 cm); when using rear exit, the maximum is 16 inches

Continuous form length: 3" to 24" (7.6 cm to 61 cm)

One to six-part forms

Horizontal and vertical fine-scale forms adjustments

View function for print verification

Optional Graphics Features

Code V and IGP Printronix Emulation


Printer Emulations


Epson FX 1050

IBM Proprinter® III XL

Printronix P-Series and P-Series XQ Variant

Printronix Serial Matrix


Twinaxial IPDS: IBM 4234-008, 4234-012

Twinaxial non-IPDS: IBM 4234-002, 5225-001, or 5225-004

Coaxial IPDS: IBM 4234-007, 4234-011

Coaxial non-IPDS: IBM 4234-001 or 3287-001

System AttachmentsStandard (ASCII)

AS/400® using the ASCII Workstation Controller port on 9402(except Model Y10), 9404 and 9406

3197, 3477, 3486/87/88 Terminals (parallel port only)

3174 Controller (Asynchronous Emulation Adapter)

ES/9370TM using the ASCII Subsystem

Micro Channel® 370 using ASCII serial or parallel port

RISC System/6000® using ASCII serial or parallel port

LAN Connections to Token-Ring and Ethernet via the Network Print Server feature

IBM PCs or PS/2®s using the ASCII serial or parallel port

IBM-compatible PCs using the ASCII serial or parallel port

Non-IBM Systems using the ASCII serial or parallel port

Optional (Twinaxial, Coaxial)

AS/400 using the Twinaxial Workstation port on models 9402, 9404 and 9406Advanced 36® using Twinaxial Workstation Controller

Advanced 36® using Twinaxial Workstation Controller

System/36TM using Workstation Controller port on models 5360, 5362, 5363 and 5364

5394 and 5494 control unit using Workstation port

3174 Controllers (Release 3.0 or higher)

ES/9370, ES/9000® Processors using the Workstation Subsystem Controller port (FC 6020 or 6120)

S/390® Parallel Transaction Servers via 3174 Controller

Optional (LAN)

Ethernet LAN using the internal Ethernet NIC feature

Physical Characteristics

IBM 6400

Models 05P


24.6" (62.5 cm)


20.7" (52.6 cm)


35" (88.9 cm)


120 lbs. (54.4 kg)

Power Requirements

100/120/220/240 AC nominal, 50/60 Hz

240 watts typical maximum

ENERGY STAR® compliant

Environmental Conditions

Relative humidity: 10% to 90% RH

Temperature: 50 degrees to 104 degrees F (10 degrees to 40 degrees C)



Model P50



66 dBA


General Purpose Ribbon-average life: 20M or 30M DP characters

High Contrast Ribbon-average life: 20M or 30M DP characters: With visible light: 2500 or 3600 AIAG-B3 labels With infrared light: 1300 or 1800 AIAG-B3 labels


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