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IBM 6400-i5P Line Matrix Printer, 500 LPM

Manufacturer: IBM

Part # 6400-i5P

Availability: IN STOCK

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty


Price: $1,250.00

IBM 6400-i5P, Line Matrix Printer Speed 500 LPM

The IBM 6400-i5P line matrix Pedestal printer achieves reliable high quality printing while achieving the lowest cost per page output. Our fully refurbished printers are sold with a warranty and are all qualified for maintenance. Parts & Supplies are also available for this model as well as repair services.

The printer model numbers indicate printing speed and physical configuration.

  • All printer models start with the 6400- series prefix, followed by a three digit or alphanumeric suffix. Models containing only numbers indicate cabinet models. Model numbers containing the letter “P” indicate pedestal models.
  • For pedestal models, the first two alphanumeric values in the suffix refer to the printer’s maximum speed in lines per minute (lpm): 6400-i5P for 500 lpm.
  • The 6400-i5P model is a pedestal model with the QuickAccess Cover installed.

The IBM 6400i Printer Family

The IBM 6400i Series consists of 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 lines per minute (lpm) models and are packaged in various configurations. All of the models offer software versatility and the latest refinements in line matrix printing technology. The print mechanisms are housed in sound-insulated cabinets which make the printer family among the quietest printers in the world. Additionally, your printer has a flexible architecture that allows you to add new features and emulations as they become available.

LinePrinter Plus is the standard emulation. LinePrinter Plus includes the Epson FX-1050, Printronix P-Series, P-Series XQ, Serial Matrix and Proprinter III XL emulations. Coax/Twinax, IPDS, ANSI and the IGP/PGL and IGP/VGL graphics enhancement emulations are available as optional upgrades. No matter what emulation is installed, your printer is easy to use. The message display and lights on the control panel communicate with you directly and clearly. You can select every function on your printer at the control panel, or you can send commands from the host computer.

The printer combines the use of Flash, RAM, and nonvolatile RAM for program execution. The Flash is used for all program, font, and emulation storage. New fonts, emulations, or program updates can be downloaded to Flash memory via the parallel or serial interface, or through the PrintNet interface. The RAM is used for buffers, print image storage, and execution variables. The non-volatile RAM stores configuration, statistics, and internal parameters.

Ordering Ribbons

6400i Models Except for 6400-i20

IBM Premium 20M P/N 54P2309
Used for general text printing as well as OCR, graphics, and bar code printing. Average yield: 20 million DP characters, 4667 AIAG-B3 labels with visible light source scanning equipment, or 2500 AIAG-B3 labels with infrared light source scanning equipment.

IBM Premium 30M P/N 57P2308
Used for general text printing as well as OCR, graphics, and bar code printing. Average yield: 30 million DP characters, 4667 AIAG-B3 labels with visible light source scanning equipment, or 2500 AIAG-B3 labels with infrared light source scanning equipment.

IBM 6400-i5P Line Matrix Printer Speed 500 LPM

Computer Interfaces

  • RS 232 Serial
  • RS 422 Serial
  • PC Parallel
  • Dataproducts Parallel
  • Ethernet Interface
  • IEEE 1284

Coax/Twinax features are available with this printer:

IBM Coax/Twinax Printer Emulations Each emulation provides a different set of configuration menus, control codes, and character sets. The following printer emulations (or protocols) are standard, and selectable at the operator panel:

  • Proprinter III XL Emulation
  • Epson FX Emulation
  • P-Series Printer Emulation
  • P-Series XQ Variant Printer Emulation
  • Serial Matrix Printer Emulation



Manufacturer Part #


Print Speed


Fast Draft mode: 500 lpm
Data Processing mode: 375 lpm
Near Letter Quality mode: 200 lpm



IEEE 1284/Centronics Parallel
Coax/Twinax (SCS/IPDS)
10/100BaseT Ethernet (ASCII/IPDS)
Auto Switching
Wireless Ethernet

Optional graphics features

Code V, IGP and IBM IPDS

Print Options

Vertical Spacing

3, 4, 6 or 8 lines per inch, or as selected by host

Horizontal Spacing

10, 12, 13.3, 15, 16.7, 18 or 20 characters per inch

Paper Specifications


Continuous form width: 3" to 17" (7.6 cm to 43.2 cm) with tear strips
Continuous form length: 3" to 24" (7.6 cm to 61 cm)
Horizontal and vertical fine-scale forms adjustments
One- to six-part forms
Dual-position lid on pedestal to allow quick access to forms

Printer Emulations


Epson FX 1050; IBM Proprinter® III XL; Printronix P-Series and P-Series XQ Variant; Printronix Serial Matrix


Twinaxial IPDS: IBM 4234-008, 4234-012; Twinaxial non-IPDS: IBM 4234-002, 5225-001 or 5225-004; Coaxial IPDS: IBM 4234-007, 4234-011; Coaxial non-IPDS: IBM 4234-001 or 3287-00; ANSI 3.64; Telnet 3270/5250

Misc. Features

Power Requirements

100/120, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

268 watts maximum

Noise Levels



50° to 104°F


15% to 80% RH

(H X W X D)


35" x 24.6" x 20.7"



120 lbs.

As Shipped

160 lbs.

System Requirements


Microsoft Windows 3.1 and above


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