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LA48 Dot Matrix Printer, 480 cps

Manufacturer: Tallygenicom

Part # LA48

Availability: IN STOCK

BRAND NEW 90 days Warranty

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty

LA48 Dot Matrix Printer 480 cps

The LA series dot matrix printers were specially developed for the Digital/Compaq VAX/VMS/Open VMS environment, and have DEC ANSI emulation to ensure easy integration. With a total of six different models, there is a great selection, whatever your requirements. Thanks to the two-line LCD display, all settings can be quickly and simply adjusted, and not only locally; network printers can be centrally administered using the DASCOM web interface.

Key Features

  • 24 pin printhead
  • up to 480 char./sec.
  • up to 8,000 pages/month
  • 1 original + 4 copies
  • 1x fanfold (rear), single sheet manual
  • DEC ANSI, IBM, Epson emulations
  • 1x parallel, 1x serial

Print Speed 10 cpi: High Speed Draft 400 (LA48N), 448 (LA48W); Draft 360; LQ 113
Print Method Serial Impact
Resolution Up to 360 x 360 dpi (ESC/P Emulation only)
Throughput 319 pages per hour (ECMA 132)
Character Density 10, 12, 15, 17.1, 18, 20 cpi
Line Density 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 lpi
Printhead Life 400 M strokes per needle
Standard Connectivity (model variants) Parallel/USB; Parallel/Serial RS232; All 128K input
Optional Connectivity External Ethernet 10/100baseT
Standard Emulation DEC ANSI PPL2, IBM® Proprinter, Epson® LQ (ESC P/2)
Fonts Bitmap fonts: Courier 10, Prestige Elite 12, Boldface PS, Compressed Draft 12, High-speed draft 12, OCR-B 10,OCR-A 10, Correspondence 10, PCIA 10, Scalable Fonts: Courier, Nimbus Sans®, Timeless (Normal, Bold, Italic), 8barcodes
Consumables 4 Million Character Ribbon
Standard Paper Handling Auto tear; manual continuous/cut sheet switch; manual paper thickness adjustment.
Number of Copies Orginal + 4 (5-part forms)
Paper Type Continuous forms and Cut forms
Form Thickness Max. 0.35mm (.014 in.)
Paper Size LA48N: Cut sheet: width 4.01-10.51 inches, length 2.99-14.33 inches
Continuous forms: width 4.01-10.51 inches, length over 4 inches
LA48W: Cut sheet: width 4.01-16.53 inches, length 2.99-16.53 inches
Continuous forms: width 4.01-16.53 inches, length over 4 inches
Physical Weight LA48N: 7.3 Kg (16 lbs.); LA48W: 9.7 Kg (21 lbs.)
Physical Size (HxWxD): LA48N: 120x415x330mm (Approx. 4.72 X 16.33 X 12.99 inches)
LA48W: 120x570x330mm (Approx. 4.72 X 22.44 X 12.99 inches)
Power Voltage 120 V
Power Consumption Printing: 90W, Sleep Mode: max 10W (LA48N), max 28W (LA48W)
Workload Up to 8,000 pages per month
Reliability MTBF 20,000 hours @ 25% duty cycle
Drivers Windows 9x/ME, 2000, 2003 Server, XP, Vista
Temperature +5°C to +38°C
Humidity 30% to 80%
Acoustic 49dB(A)
Note For OCR applications it is recommended that your readers are tested with print samples supplied by DASCOM prior to purchase. Paper is a highly variable medium and should be tested prior to purchase. The quoted consumable life is the average for the printer when used under normal operating conditions.
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