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Mannesmann Tally T6092 Line Matrix Printer, 1400 LPM

Manufacturer: Tallygenicom

Part # T6092

Availability: IN STOCK

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty

Mannesmann Tally T6092
The Mannesmann Tally T6092 line matrix printer achieves reliable high quality printing while achieving the lowest cost per page output at blistering speeds. Our fully refurbished printers are sold with a warranty and are all qualified for maintenance. Parts & Supplies are also available for this model as well as repair services.The new T6082, T6092 from Tally the latest step forward in line impact printing technology. The T6082, T6092 offer the best combination of high-performance, quiet operation, and low prices, on the market today. Line impact printing at only 50 dBA! New acoustic technology from Tally makes the at 50 dBA, truly quiet enough for any office environment. At 52 dBA the is the quietest line impact printer in its class and quiet enough for the office, as well. High-Performance Workhorses At 900 lines per minute and 160,000 pages per month the T6082 is designed for high-volume data-processing printing of up to six-part forms. For even heavier duty the T6092 will print up to 1,400 1pm. Both printers require no periodic maintenanc 250,000 pages per month at text speeds up toe and offer unlimited useful life.

Versatile Built-in Graphics Capabilities An advanced shuttle matrix design allows accurate dot placement in a wide variety of dot densities at exceptional graphics printing speeds.
Three graphics language compatibilities are built into the T6082, T6092 in addition to POSTNET bar code compatibility.

At speeds up to 900 and 1,400 lpm respectively, the T6082, T6092 continue the Tally tradition of performance and versatility in both text and graphics printing. An advanced shuttle design makes precision dot placement possible in a wide variety of dot densities. The result is the ability to print any combination of a variety of fonts, character styles, character heights, and character widths anywhere on a page at high-performance line impact speeds.

T6092, Preciseragphics and bat coderintinat high speeds is also a benefit of accurate, consistent dot placement and hammer impact. Tally offers three resident graphic language compatibilities standard: Tally Industrial Graphics, Printronix PGL, and QMS CODE V, for printing industrial bar of industrial graphics applications. You can also use these industry-standard graphics languages to program custom bar code, forms generation, labeling or other graphics applications for your T6082, T6092. T6082 printers will also print POSTNET bar codes at virtual text speeds, allowing you to efficiently save the maximum in time and money on bulk postage. Print Technology: Line impact dot matrix Print Speed: T6082 : max. 900 lines per minute T6092 : max. 1,400 lines per minute Workload: T6082 160,000 pages per month T6092 = 250,000 pages per month.

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