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Printek FormsMaster 8003 Dot Matrix Printer

Manufacturer: Printek

Part # FM8003

Availability: IN STOCK

BRAND NEW 90 days Warranty

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty

Printek FormsMaster 8003 High Performance Dot Matrix Printer has a print speed of 800 cps along with the patented Tri-Trak tractor system.

All models of Printek printers offer straight-through paper paths for reliable forms handling.  All printhead adjustment and form alignment are handled automatically-leaving no guess work.  Jam detection is standard.  Extra attention to details such as a ribbon-wear indicator, and downloadable configurations add up to the most foolproof printers in the business.      

Printek is the recognized leader in forms printing innovations over the past decade.  Printek's unique contributions include:
  • Tri-Trak, our patented system of loading three continuous forms in a straight-through path
  • Auto-Scroll, waste-free tear-off for demand document printing
  • Floating printhead shield, which adjusts to perforation and imperfections
  • Setup cloning, which enables the user to easily transfer setup parameters from one Printek printer to another
  • Page reprint, which allows print jobs to be recovered in the event of a fault condition      

All Printek printers are designed to withstand 100% duty cycles. You can depend on them to meet your peak requirements.  Rigid quality control standards, and 100% testing of every assembled unit ensures your satisfaction from the day the printer arrives.

Text Modes Speed

  • Fast Draft - 800 cps
  • Draft - 600 cps
  • Fast Draft High Impact - 400 cps
  • Draft High Impact - 300 cps
  • Letter Quality 150 cps
  • Optical Quality - 100 cps

Graphics Modes Speed (up to)

  • 8 Wire Graphics - 19,200 dps
  • 8 Wire Fast Graphics - 25,600 dps
  • 9 Wire Graphics - 21,600 dps
  • 9 Wire Fast Graphics - 28,800 dps


  • Fast Draft 7x9 in 9x9 cell
  • Draft 9x9 in 12x9 cell
  • Letter Quality 18x18 in 24x18 cell
  • Optical Quality 27x18 in 36x18 cell.


  • 60 to 240 dpi horizontally x 72 dpi vertically


  • Epson FX fast draft, draft and letter quality
  • PC English fast draft, draft and letter quality
  • PC Latin II (Slavic) fast draft, draft, and letter quality
  • DEC LA-120 fast draft, draft and letter quality
  • EBCDIC fast draft, draft and letter quality
  • OCR-A optical quality
  • OCR-B optical quality
  • Roman-8 fast draft, draft and letter quality
  • Multilingual Euro (858) fast draft, draft and letter quality
  • Multilingual (850) fast draft, draft and letter quality


  • 5, 6, 6.7, 7.5, 8.4, 8.6, 10, 12, 13.3, 15, 16.7, 17.1, and 20 cpi


  • 6 lpi, 8 lpi, or programmable in 1/216th or 1/288th of an inch


  • 13.6 inches


  • ANSI X3.64
  • Epson FX
  • IBM Proprinter
  • DEC LA-120
  • Simple TTY
  • Printek
  • Basic Bar Code

Paper Handling

  • Bottom tractor feed with pinch roller exit
  • Straight paper path with zero waste tear off
  • Paper width: 2.5 to 15 inches
  • Paper Slew Rate: 16 inches per second


  • 23,000,000 character, mobius loop cartridge


  • Automatic port arbitration (sharing) between the parallel, serial, and optional interface (if installed)
  • Centronics compatible Parallel
  • Asynchronous RS-232: 110 to 19,200 baud; Even, Odd, or No parity; 7 or 8 data bits; 1 or 2 stop bits; XON/XOFF, ETX/ACK, and Hardware handshake

Input Buffer Size: 32K bytes.

Physical Size: 11.8" High x 26.25" Wide x 20.5" Deep.
Weight: 63 lbs (74 lbs shipping).

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