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Printronix M4L/M4L2 Mobile Printer Parts

Printronix - M4L/M4L2 Mobile Printer Parts

The New M4L/M4L2 Mobile Printronix Printer Parts

Thanks to a long battery life, the M4L and the M4L2 are ready to run all shift long, fully compatible with competitive models. The M4L and the M4L2 come factory-ready for ZPL II or CPCL, and connects to your legacy host systems and peripheral devices for quick and easy integration. The M4L2 has dual-antenna technology extending your WIFI range and reducing dead spots.

Battery and optional accessories are available through the parts department at Sinca Printers, Parts & Repair.

AC Single-Unit Charger (Americas), 258233-001

Part # 258233-001

AC Single-Unit Charger for the Americas This is a standard AC charger that offers a convenien...


DC Vehicle Power Adapter, 258240-001

Part # 258240-001

DC Vehicle Power Adapter for M4L/M4L2 Mobile Printers The vehicle power adapter will allow yo...


M4L/M4L2 Heavy Duty Metal Belt Clip, 258236-001

Part # 258236-001

Heavy Duty Metal Belt Clip, M4L/M4L2 The Heavy duty metal belt clip delivers an extra level o...


Printronix M4L/M4L2 Lithium-Ion Battery, 258235-001

Part # 258235-001

M4L/M4L2 Lithium-Ion Battery 7.2v Built to last through multiple shifts, the 7.2v Lithium-Ion...


Printronix M4L/M4L2 Mobile IP-54 Case Protector, 258152-001

Part # 258152-001

IP-54 Case Protector for M4L/M4L2 Mobile Printer The certified IP-54 case protector increases...


Printronix M4L/M4L2 Shoulder Strap, 258239-001

Part # 258239-001

M4L/M4L2 Optional Shoulder Strap Adding another transportation option and further increasing ...


Printronix M4L/M4L2 Velcro Belt Loop, 258302-001

Part # 258302-001

Velcro Belt Loop, M4L/M4L2 Mobile A secure, yet flexible carrying option that attaches the M4...


Quad 4-Battery Bay External Charger (Americas), 258234-001

Part # 258234-001

4-Battery Bay External Charger for M4L/M4L2 Mobile This docking and charging station will ful...


Single 1-Battery Bay External Charger (Americas), 258314-001

Part # 258314-001

Single 1-Battery External Charger Allows for the use of an optional back-up battery. This sin...


USB to RS232 Adapter, 258238-001

Part # 258238-001

USB to RS232 Adapter This adapter allows for easy connection of the M4L/M4L2 printer to a dev...


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