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Printronix M4L/M4L2 Thermal Mobile Bar Code Printers

Printronix - M4L/M4L2 Thermal Mobile Printers

Printronix M4L/M4L2 Thermal Mobile Bar Code Printers

Designed specifically for the high-volume applications found in distribution centers and on factory floors, these thermal printers bring customers increased productivity, faster response times, improved product flow and enhanced profitability. Printronix M4L/M4L2 Thermal Bar Code Printers are rugged and reliable and are built to last in any supply-chain distribution or warehousing environment.

The major diffences of the M4L and M4L2 are shown on the table below:

Printronix M4L Mobile Thermal Printer, M4LWG-00

Part # M4LWG-00

M4L Mobile Thermal Printer Increase your efficiency with the newest Printronix printer, the ...

Printronix M4L2 Mobile Thermal Printer WiFi, M4LWK-00

Part # M4LWK-00

Printronix M4L2 Mobile Thermal Printer, M4LWK-00 Dual-Antenna technology has been added to th...

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