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Printronix P5212 1200 LPM Cabinet Line Matrix Printer

Manufacturer: Printronix

Part # P5212

Availability: IN STOCK

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty


Price: $1,695.00

Refurbished Printronix P5212 Cabinet Line Matrix Printer, 1200 LPM

The P5212 is the Ideal Solution for:

• Wholesale and retail distribution
• Automotive manufacturing and OEM part suppliers
• Process and discreet goods manufacturing
• Chemical manufacturers
• Publishing database and mailing houses
• Transportation industries
• Hotel and restaurant chains

When your business requires low cost printing of high-quality labels, reports, bar codes or multi-part forms, line matrix printing is the standard. With print speeds up to 1200 lpm, you'll find a P5212 model that is right for your applications.

Harsh industrial environments. Secure computer rooms. Busy offices demanding quiet performance. No longer just a "back room" printer, the P5212 integrates almost any front office seamlessly. Connect it to your network and it’s ready to print without delay.

IMPORTANT - Unless otherwise stated, the following boards are not upward compatible with P5X05B, P5X10 and P5X15 printers, except for the CMX40 Subassembly, V5.5, P/N 157450-901 which has been designed to be fully backward compatible for all P5000 models.


  • 157450-901 - CMX 40 Subassembly, V5.5, P5000 Base PCBA used is 156985-001
  • 154900-901, and 902 - PCBA Subassembly, CMX, V5. 154900-902 same as -901 with added RFI kit for CISPR/B compliance. (Base PCBA used is 154352-001) Compatibility - P5000 Models, P5005 (475 LPM), P5205 (475 LPM), P5008, P5208 and P5212, but excluding P5214. Note: The 154900-901 has been around for quite some time, thus it was the recommended CMX Subassembly spare for the field. It is the 154900-902 with an added RFI Kit for CISPR/B Compliance. This allowed our older models to become compliant that were still using 154900-901 Version 5 as well as the older V1, V2, V3 (updated to V6) and V4 CMX Boards that lacked these RFI Ferrites.

  • 156552-901-CMX Subassembly (25 MHz), P5XXX, V5.5 (Base PCBA is 155802-001) Compatibility - P5000 Models, P5005 (475 LPM), P5205 (475 LPM), P5005A (500 LPM), P5205A (500 LPM), P5008, P5208, P5009, P5209, P5212 but excluding P5214. Note: This board runs with a 25 MHz Clock and can be used with a P5214 ONLY if the recommended board for the P5214 is not available. The rated throughput of the printer may not meet our Specs but the print quality should not be affected.
  • CMX PCBA Version 1 - 152597-001 - Replaced by CMX V2.
  • CMX PCBA Version 2 - 153090-001 - Replaced by CMX V3.
  • CMX PCBA Version 3 - 153542-001 - Replaced by CMX V4.
  • CMX PCBA Version 4 - 154079-001 - Replaced by CMX V5.

b. Power Supplies

  • 155201-901 - Power Supply, P5XXX, V3. Replaced by V4. Compatibility - P5000 Models, P5005, P5205, P5008, P5208, and P5212 but excluding the P5214.
  • 157103-901 - Power Supply, P5000, V3.5 (Replaced by 157102-901) Compatibility - P5214 only. This was an interim power supply with a higher current capability for the P5214 printer.
  • Power Supply PCBA Version 4 - 157102-001. Backwards compatible with all P5000 models.

c. Firmware/Software as noted below for minimum compatibility.

Brochure - Printronix P5000 Brochure.pdf Printronix P5000 Brochure.pdf

Printronix P5212 Line Matrix Printer Specifications

Manufacturers Part number


Key Features

Technology (Detailed)


Output Type

Monochrome Printer

Printer Type

P5212 Cabinet

Black Print Speed

1200 LPM



Technical Features

Form Factor


Connectivity Technology

Parallel (IEEE1284)

Language Simulation

EPSON FX, IBM ProPrinter III XL, Printronix P-Series XQ


Media Type

Continuous Forms

Media Path Type



Networking Type

Network Adapter (Optional)

System Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows  NT, Windows XP Home



27 Inches


39 Inches


42.5 Inches

More Information

The Printronix Refurbished P5212 DOT MATRIX LINE PRINTER is fully compatible with PC systems. This printer connectivity interface: Parallel (IEEE1284).

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