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Tally T6045 Line Matrix Printer, 450 LPM

Manufacturer: Tallygenicom

Part # T6045

Availability: IN STOCK

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty

The Tally T6045 line matrix printer achieves reliable high quality printing while achieving the lowest cost per page output at blistering speeds. Our fully refurbished printers are sold with a warranty and are all qualified for maintenance. Parts & Supplies are also available for this model as well as repair services.

Tally T6045 Emulations
Six emulations are available on your printer: MT660, MTKANSI, LG01, Printronix, Epson FX100, and IBM Proprinter III XL.

Type Styles
There are six resident type styles available on your printer. They include Gothic, Courier, Data Processing, Draft, OCR-A, and OCR-B.
All type styles and the two output modes (Enhanced and Constant Density Fonts for Draft and DP) are selectable through the printer control panel.

T6045, Gothic and Courier
These two type styles provide Near Letter Quality (NLQ) printing on your line printer. They print at higher dot densities and use denser character matrixes. Near Letter Qualty type styles provide greater readability for reports and other text intensive output.

Tally T6045 Draft and Data Processing
Draft and Data Processing type styles print in two modes: Constant Density Fonts (CDF) and Enhanced. Constant Density Fonts print at the same dot density regardless of the CPI. This produces consistent print speed even when changing from one CPI to another. Enhanced Mode provides higher resolution and a greater range of CPIs than CDF Mode. Because Enhanced Mode uses a variety of dot densities you should expect a change in print speed of text when switching from one CPI to another. OCR-A and OCR-B These type styles print at 10 CPI only. They are used mainly for Optical Character Recognition applications.

T6045, Characters Per Inch
The T6045 printer offers a variety of CPIs for use in printer output. Available CPIs are dictated by the Type Style selected. Each CPI is based on one of 12 character matrixes and 12 Dot Densities. Each matrix uses a specific number of dot columns for character composition and intercharacter gap. CPIs are grouped in any given type style by the base CPI matrix used for the group. Tese base CPIs are 10, 12, and 15.

T6045, Lines Per Inch
Ten Lines Per Inch (LPI) settings are available through the Control Panel. They include 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 LPI. In some emulations the availability of certain LPIs is restricted.

Dot Densities and Plot Speeds
The T6045 printer supports horizontal row plots (single and multiple row), vertical column plots, and specialized graphic plots.

The T6045 printer supports the following horizontal DPIs: 40, 48, 60, 80, 120, and 240.

T6045, Scaled densities available are 72, 90, 96, 100, 144, 160, 180, and 200. All other selections will be converted to the next higher density.

The T6045 printer supports the following vertical DPIs: 48, 72, 96, 144, and 288. All other selections are emulated through the use of scaling techniques.

T6045, Graphics Benchmarks
Two benchmark tests were used to rate graphics output on the T6045 printer. The first was an AIAG label containing bar codes and block characters inside a box. The second was a POSTNET label with one line of POSTNET bar code and four lines of text.

Tally T6045, Ink-Ribbon
The T6045 ink-ribbon is rated at 25 million (25,000,000) characters in Draft type style at 10 CPI.

Tally T6045, Language Character Sets
Up to 34 Language Character Sets with up to 192 characters (some emulations have fewer character sets with 256 characters) each are available on the T6045 printer. In addition, the ANSI and DIN character sets are available for use with the OCR-A and OCR-B type styles.

Tally T6045, Physical Configurations
The T6045 printer is available in the following configurations:
Standard Tabletop Printer
Optional Printer with Stand
Optional Printer with Quietized Pedestal

Tally T6045
Actual Weight: Main Components
Component Weight
Tabletop Printer 79 lbs
Stand 20 lbs
Pedestal 44 lbs

Tally T6045
Actual Weight: By Configuration
Option Weight
Tabletop Printer 79 lbs
Printer plus Stand 99 lbs
Printer plus Pedestal 123 lbs

Nonvolatile Memory:
The T6045 printer stores printer configuration information in nonvolatile EEPROM.

Power Supply: The T6045 printer requires single phase, 50 ± 3 — 60 ± 3 Hz., 90—130 VAC or 180—264 AC input power.

The T6045 printer’s universal power supply automatically adjusts to the correct values. A fuse is provided to interrupt power to the power supply. The following table gives typical current values.

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