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Printronix P5220D 2000 LPM Cabinet Line Matrix Printer

Manufacturer: Printronix

Part # P5220D

Availability: IN STOCK

REFURBISHED 90 days Warranty


Price: $3,200.00

Refurbished Printronix P5220D Dual Hammerbank Line Matrix Printer

The Printronix P5220D is the fastest line matrix printer in the industrial printing world. Not only does it sustain continuous Draft printing at a remarkable rate of 2000 lines per minute, but it’s Data Processing speed is faster than the Draft speeds of any line matrix printer on the market. Meaning you sacrifice nothing! The P5220D provides you both higher print quality and higher print speed.
?Line matrix printing continues to be the unchallenged leader in reliability. When pressed to keep costs under control, this technology provides the edge needed with the lowest cost per page output.  When your applications require specialized forms - line matrix is the answer. Now with the amazing Printronix P5220D, all this is done faster than ever before. 
The printer automatically presents the current print line to the tear bar when it finishes printing and presents the perforation of the last form printed to the tear bar. When it receives more data from the host computer, the printer pulls the form down to the print station and resumes printing.
The CMX 40 controller is used universally by all P5XXX printer models except the P5220D, which uses the CFX controller and the P5220S/P5224D printers which use the Power PC (PPC) Controller. The CMX, the CFX and the PPC controllers have the capacity in processing speed to handle complex applications found in today’s work place environments.
The P5220D uses the CFX printer controller and an integrated power supply. These modules may not be retrofitted in the field with other members of the P5XXX family.

?Printronix P5220D Printer Specifications

Print Speed (LPM - upper case/lower case characters)

  • High-Speed                2000 LPM / 1700 LPM
  • Data Processing          1800 LPM / 1430 LPM
  • Near Letter Quality        960 LPM / 730  LPM

P5220D Graphics Speed   (LPM)

  • 60 x 48 dpi                     222 LPM
  • 60 x 72 dpi                     185 LPM
  • 90 x 96 dpi                       94 LPM

Printronix P5220D Printing General

Print Method:                                 Impact Line Matrix -- Dual Hammerbank Technology

Typefaces:                                     High Speed, Data Processing, Near Letter Quality

Character Pitch (char. per inch):   10, 12, 13.3, 17.1, 20 (except NLQ for 20 pitch)

Line Spacing (lines per inch):        6, 8, 10.3, n/72, n/216

Maximum Resolution:                     180 dpi Horizontal x 96 dpi Vertical

Printable Width:                             Up to 13.6" (345.4 mm)

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